What could be more fun than fourth and fifth graders enjoying a variety of activities in the out of doors!  Groups participated in rock climbing, canoeing,  kayaking and a group challenge called the Spider Web.   Hear about their adventures in their own words.

Kayaking by Janie McGawn

Splish splash my shorts were soaked already and we had just gotten on the water.  I knew the surprise we were in for.  It was slightly breezy and at first I thought for sure I was jumping in. But now that I felt the water, I wasn't so sure.  We were in kayaks and the surprise, I knew from past experience with Avid, was piano keys.  We rafted up and I waited and waited for my turn.  Finally, it was my turn. I would be the only one to run in my group so I got up and out of my kayak and sprinted across.  On my third step I slipped, and fell in.  Although it wasn't as cold as I had

expected, it was freezing!  As soon as I hit the water, I scrambled into the closest kayak, ran back across, jumped back in, and went back to shore!

Field trip to Bear Creek by Gabriella Brower

It was a super fun day.  We did rock climbing, canoeing and kayaking.  I was good at the rock climbing, but when I tried doing it blindfolded with my legs tied together, it did not go well.  We were the fastest group to make a square in canoeing.  So we got to explore the lake.  The counselor said five minutes, but we only got two.  We called ourselves the Fat Assassins.  We would also slap our bellies.  Whenever our instructor said, "fat," we would say, "assassins."  People also tried bottle flipping of the rock climbing wall.  Nobody made it, but it was a good day!!!!!


Avid Was Very Fun by Tate Ritacco

I had a very fun time at Avid.  I did the spider web.  The spider web was where they tied ropes together up against three posts.  There were slots.  You and your team had to go through one slot each and, if you touched one rope you and your team had to start over.  Finally, we went rock climbing.  It took me a few tried to get to the top.  My counselor really encouraged me to get to the top and, finally, I did it. 


Avid 4 by Brooks Wiley

I loved Avid 4 because my guide was really nice to us.  It was also fun because Mr. Bredar fell in into the lake running across the kayaks.  Canoeing was great because we did a scene from "Pirates of the Carribean."

Avid for Adventure 5th Grade 2017 

by Lucy Nadolink

This year I had a great time at Bear Creek Lake Park. We did team building, rock climbing, kayaking and canoeing. I love the rock wall!  I especially loved rappelling down it.  It felt almost like you were flying as the thing gently lowered you down as you pushed off the rock wall.  I pretended that I was a different thing each time.  One time I was a bird and I flew down.  Another time I was an eagle.  Finally, I was Superman (which I crashed into the rock wall doing).   Canoeing was also really fun.  The couselor said our group did all the challenges in record time.  We even played sharks and minnows in our kayaks.   I loved our counselor, Cyrus.  He was really funny and super nice and helpful.  I had a really great time.  I hope we can go next year.

"The Accidental Fall" by Ryan DiTanna

“Okay everybody, you can get into the kayaks now,” the counselor said. Everyone rushed to the kayaks and got in. Everyone started to paddle off and follow the counselor. “This is gonna be fun!” I say. We paddled for about five minutes and lined up side by side in the kayaks. The counselor told everyone how to turn and stuff like that. “Can we play piano keys?” I ask. Piano keys is where we all line up side by side. One person gets out of the kayak and crawls, walks, or runs across the kayaks. “Well if we're gonna do that then we should move more toward the middle of the lake.” he says. The majority wanted to play, so we paddled toward the middle of the lake. “Now everyone, the water is really cold.” my counselor says. “So if I were you, I wouldn't jump in.” “Okay,” we all said in despair. But I thought to myself, “This is the last time my grade is gonna come here so might as well just jump in.” “Okay, who wants to go first?” she asked. I slowly raised my hand “Okay, how about Ryan?” “Okay,” I replied. I slowly got out of my seat. The kayaks were pretty wobbly so at first I walked but then I ran across them. But at the end when I was turning around I pretended like I fell in. “Whoa, Whoa!” I exclaim. I fall “accidentally” into the water! Wow that water was cold. I swam as fast as I possibly could back to the kayaks. “Is it cold?” everyone was asking me. “Duh” I say. “Its freezing!” “Alright who's next?” the counselor said. “I will,” Julia said. She made it to the end but she actually fell in not “accidentally.” A bunch of other people went but the only other that fell in was Katherine. Ward was next. He made it all the way to me and Julia's kayaks. He was stepping from my kayak to Julia's when she suddenly pushed off my kayak! Ward was slowly going down into the splits! Five seconds later he was doing the complete splits. He tried to jump to my kayak but the  bottom half of him got soaking wet. I was laughing so hard I was pretty much crying it was so funny. That was definitely the funnest thing I did all day.