Lower School Leadership

Lower School Leadership Group introduces 4th and 5th graders to leadership skills that will support further work in middle school.  Students practice thinking skills that include brainstorming, problem solving, decision-making and comparison. They engage in simulated activities such as planning an outreach project, designing a new product and using clear communication skills to give precise directions.  During the class, students work in groups and begin to understand their individual strengths. Students sign up in September.

Middle School Leadership

MS Leadership

At St. Anne’s, student leadership is at the core of the middle school experience. It extends beyond the organic conversations and experiences that happen with teachers and coaches in the classroom, on the athletic fields, on class trips and during community outreach. Because we believe students best learn about leadership by doing leadership, we entrust them to lead our weekly assemblies, teach workshops and character education classes for younger students, and have a palpable voice in the community.

On any given day, middle school students can be found giving tours of the school to visitors, helping out with a lower school P.E. class, organizing dances and spirit days with student council, or generating ideas and writing the actual script for their upcoming drama production. These types of opportunities not only instill confidence to speak in front of others, but also help students to see their voice as having value and the capacity to effect change. As a school, we then benefit from a culture of leaders whose ideas shape the day-to-day experience of all students and whose behaviors create a positive environment for all to learn and grow.