Unlocking Creative Potential and Artistic Development in Theatre at St. Anne's:
Theatre at St. Anne's provides students with the opportunity to explore their creative potential across various facets of performing arts. Our objectives revolve around fostering growth and development as young actors, encouraging performance, and equipping them with the skills to critique, analyze, describe, and interpret works within the domain of theatre arts.
On the Stage: 
Throughout the year, we produce three productions for students in grades 6-8, while those in grades 4-5 engage in ongoing preparation for a culminating production. In each instance, students are encouraged to embrace risk-taking and infuse creativity into their characters and moments. Productions involve script work and incorporate improvisation. Activities also encompass team-building exercises and trust-building. The stage serves as a safe space for students to step outside their comfort zones and explore new horizons.
In the Classroom: 
Starting from basic stage directions and simple acting exercises, we progressively build a framework that leads students toward presenting their work to the community. Additionally, students learn the importance of being on stage and how to be attentive and supportive audience members when their peers are performing.