St. Anne’s alums, life-long friends, and now business partners, Kendall and Ellie opened Cherry Creek North’s Bee and Pollen flower shop in July 2022. As students at St. Anne’s, Kendall and Ellie loved being creative together, whether playing on the playground, crafting during art class with Mr. Sigler, or working on a science project.

Their friendship and creativity have flourished through their love of flowers, plants, and simple life moments. Check out our interview with Kendall below as she answers questions about her and Ellie’s new business journey. Also, check out their flower shop if you are ever in the Cherry Creek North area!

How did you and Ellie get started in the flower and home goods business?

“Ellie and I have been friends for almost two decades, and throughout our journey, we have nurtured a mutual dream of running a business together. When the pandemic hit, we decided to take a leap of faith and leave our respective jobs behind, setting sail on this amazing adventure together. With my love for flowers and expertise in floral design and Ellie's unwavering adoration for home goods and gifts, we were well-prepared to transform our shared dream into a reality.”

What are your favorite memories with Ellie as St. Anne’s students?

“During our childhood, Ellie and I would spend our playdates pressing flowers together in books, laying the foundation for our lifelong love of flowers. It was an early introduction to the beauty of nature that left a lasting impression on us both. Being the older one, Ellie became my trusted mentor, teaching me creative skills such as tie-dyeing, sticker collecting, flower pressing, painting, and much more.”

What is the goal or mission at Bee and Pollen? Is your shop known for anything unique?

“At Bee & Pollen, we are dedicated to delivering an unmatched experience to every individual who enters our store. We place immense value on ensuring that we cater to everyone, regardless of their budget, by offering something extraordinary within our shop. Our unwavering commitment rests in providing our amazing customers with exceptional quality and competitive prices. Above all, our ultimate goal is to spread joy and enrich as many lives as possible. One petal at a time!”

What is it like having your shop back in Denver, where you both grew up?

“Embarking on a business venture with your best friend is an extraordinary and, at times, demanding experience. We continually learn and evolve alongside each other, day by day. Not a single day passes without us expressing immense gratitude for embarking on this incredible journey together!”