The school has a part-time counselor who is on campus daily.  The counselor provides office hours and holds weekly grade level “lunch clubs” which are open to all students.  These clubs provide a healthy, safe and respectful venue for discussing all manner of school and life topics germane to young people and students in our school.  

In addition, the school engages two other counselors.  One sponsors a weekly “Girls’ Club” and one a “Diversity Club” for students.  These clubs touch on social dynamics, student relationships, and other topics that middle school girls, and kids in general, navigate through on a daily basis.

The head of school, head of middle school, school counselor and school chaplain share teaching responsibility for teaching “Focus” classes which meet each week.  Each one brings his/her own personal perspective and position to bear in discussing a variety of topics.  Discussions touch on topics that range from adolescent drug use to teen angst to decision-making, ethics and pertinent school and greater world issues. 


Parent Information Letters and Counseling Form

Trending with Teens

Early adolescence is a time of immense brain development cognitively, emotionally and socially. At the same time, adolescents begin to encounter newer cultural realities and group bonding pressure as they move away from the comfort and structure of home. Each trimester, Trending with Teens will take a brief look at an issue or challenge that middle school and high school students in Denver, Colorado, and nationally are facing. The goal is to raise parental awareness of these issues and to provide strategies and resources for guiding your teen through these challenges.
  • E-Cigarettes - For the past fifteen years, thanks to public awareness campaigns, traditional cigarette smoking has been on the decline. Recently however, the mass production and marketing of e-cigarettes (or vaporizers) has led to a nationwide increase in teen nicotine consumption. In 2015, 16% of HS students and 5.3% of MS students had used one of the devices in the past 30 days (Surgeon General’s Report). E-cigarettes.pdf (59.2 KBs)
  • Energy Drinks - It’s hard not to walk into any convenience store located near a high school or middle school after the final bell has rung and not find teenagers purchasing Red Bull, Monster Energy and 5-hour Energy drinks. While the target demographic for these products is 18-34 year olds (males in particular), the National Institute of Health found that one-third of 12-17 year olds drink them regularly. It’s also not hard to see how the marketing of this $55 billion global industry is directed to young people. If you watched X-Games this winter, you couldn’t help but notice the advertising. Action sports from NASCAR to professional bull riding are sponsored by energy-drink companies. It’s easy to see the marketing towards males when the Monster Energy girls parade around the various winners. Adding to the youth appeal is the endless supply of sweet berry and citrus flavors. Energy Drinks.pdf (37.0 KBs)