The school has two part-time counselors who are on campus daily.  The counselors provide office hours for individual student or parent visits. They also hold weekly grade level (6-8) “lunch clubs” that are open to all middle school students.  These clubs provide a healthy, safe and respectful venue for discussing school and life topics germane to young people and students in our school.  

In addition, the school engages three other counselors.  One sponsors a weekly “Girls’ Club,” one a “Boys’ Club,” and one a “Diversity Club” for middle school students.  These clubs touch on social dynamics, student relationships, and other topics that middle school students navigate on a daily basis.

The head of school, head of middle school, head school counselor and school chaplain share responsibility for teaching FOCUS classes (grades 6-8), which meet each week.  Each of these adults brings his/her own personal perspective and position to bear in discussing a variety of topics.  Discussions touch on topics that range from adolescent drug use to teen angst as well as decision-making, ethics and pertinent school and greater world issues.

The head school counselor also offers a thirty-minute class each seven-day rotation for grades K-5. These classes focus on positive development of students’ feelings, social relationships and behavior management. In addition, the counselor, along with the learning specialists, offers a monthly lunch club (grades 1-5) for students with diverse learning needs. These clubs offer student support, celebration of successes, and brainstorming opportunities for academic struggles.